live simply, love fiercely.

and other words.

Closet Ponderings.

I’m not a kid anymore.

The once hide-and-seek sweet spot

now smothers and restricts me.

With arms and legs crossed,

I might as well be wearing a straight jacket.

Hunched over in a box that smells like shoes,

the crack of the door gives me hope of daylight.

In the dimness I feel my heartbeat increase

as I imagine the door locking and the tight walls closing in.


From downstairs,

the TV projects muffled voices of newscasters

proclaiming stories from the outside world.


Out there terrorism takes a toddler on the street.

Out there cancer steals loved ones in a blink.

Out there hurricanes threaten to wipe us off the face of the earth.

Out there hate and prejudice transform into a war that never ends.

Out there the hungry are never satisfied.


It’s actually not so bad in here.



Am I imprisoned

slowly suffocating on the smell of feet,


in my place of


and escape

from the world’s unexplainable, overwhelming problems.

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